Nautical Print Edition: Part 1

I have been in a nautical craze lately, and is compulsively creating nautical themed prints. You can find them all here!



Concrete Love

My obsession with grey extends to concrete. I love the industrial look contrasting with natural elements such as wood or plants. Here are some of my favorite looks:


1. At first glance, this looks like a picture of black jelly blocks. They are actually mineral stones made to look like food. Check out the rest of the surrealistic Edible Earth series by Set Designer Katie Fotis here!
2. I find my current white bathtub boring and tiresome. What I would give to get a few slabs of concrete for my bath!
3. I am so tempted to get this adorable concrete planter for myself.
4. This is the bathroom of the Bluff House by Auhaus Architecture. I am loving the concrete walls and those insanely beautiful floor tiles! You can see the rest of the house here.


Digital Prints Giveaway!

you can do this

I am currently doing a giveaway for my digital prints on The Little Treasures Blog! There are 3 $5 certificates up for grabs, and the winners will get to choose their favorite print from my shop. For instructions on how to enter the giveaway, click here. The giveaway ends on Wednesday, 18th June. Good luck— you can do this!

Thank you Maya for hosting the giveaway!


Color Story: Objects

This is a continuation of my previous post, “Color Story: Home“:


1. A gorgeous display made out of sponges and scrubs. (If you are the creator, please contact me to credit you!)
2. A Wes Anderson quote in The Royal Tenenbaums. You can find the print here.
3. I am swept away by Clare Rojas‘s compositional goodness.
4. Object styling by Laura Redburn. Check out her lovely blog, Cardboard Cities.


Color Story: Home

I tend to use a very limited color palette in my personal life. I have a tough time identifying my clothes because they come in mostly shades of gray and black. I am also currently painting my walls grey— you get the gist. But the truth is, I love color. I love using colors in my graphic design work. A great color palette definitely requires very good eye and skill. Here are some interior color inspiration that I absolutely love:


1. Color Stories by Photographer Jonas von der Hude.
2. I am obsessed with this painted yellow dot behind a matching floating shelf. The flowers and vases complements it perfectly.
3. The white kitchen tiles gives the living room a really cool vibe. The futuristic sofa is to die for!
4. This house is owned by DJ Pil Marques in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is stunning and unique. You need to see it for yourself here.



Tea and Coffee


1. This Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Coffee is to die for. There is something about the icy cold swirls of coffee and milk that makes it so enticing.
2. A vintage inspired print for your home.
3. Add a bit of hand drawn whimsy to your teatime with this Charcoal Cheese Tea Towel.
4. These Chai Iced Tea Cubes is an genius idea for the summer! You can find the recipe here.