Color Story: Home

I tend to use a very limited color palette in my personal life. I have a tough time identifying my clothes because they come in mostly shades of gray and black. I am also currently painting my walls grey— you get the gist. But the truth is, I love color. I love using colors in my graphic design work. A great color palette definitely requires very good eye and skill. Here are some interior color inspiration that I absolutely love:


1. Color Stories by Photographer Jonas von der Hude.
2. I am obsessed with this painted yellow dot behind a matching floating shelf. The flowers and vases complements it perfectly.
3. The white kitchen tiles gives the living room a really cool vibe. The futuristic sofa is to die for!
4. This house is owned by DJ Pil Marques in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is stunning and unique. You need to see it for yourself here.



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