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Best Ikea Hacks

I have been avoiding shopping at Ikea for a quite a while now, for fear of ending up with generic Ikea-ish looking designs. Ikea has proven me wrong by offering this new Ikea PS Collection, designed for people living in smaller urban spaces. In fact, I am heading down to the Ikea in Red Hook this afternoon to grab some odds and ends to furnish my apartment, while keeping in mind that I can think of creative ways to utilize them. Here are some of my favorite Ikea hacks:


1. This is a modern and beautiful pouf made from an Ikea Footstool. You can find the DIY instructions at Kristi Murphy’s blog.
2. These (originally black) IKEA Vittsjo Shelves were given a luxe makeover simply by coating them with gold.
3. I am looking to build faux reclaimed wood shelves for my books. These gold-sprayed geometric Ikea brackets are taking it to the next 4. I am loving this vintage look and the blueish grey for this chest of drawers! You can check out more pictures at Almost Makes Perfect Blog.


Food Styling: Desserts

I have always been very fascinated by food styling, but at the same time I know I won’t be able to deal with staring at delicious food for more than 5 minutes and not being able to gorge myself. Nevertheless, I have found some great food styling tips from the Simply Delicious Food Blog for all who are interested.


1. There is something lethal about the combination of bright food styled on top of dark rustic backgrounds. These berry-colored popsicles have such depth of color, and the entire styling is just perfect! This picture is taken from Vintage Blue Blog.
2. Dairy Free Black Forest Popsicles, created by the very talented Gabriel Cabrera of The Artful Desperado.
3. It is tough to imagine how this Coconut Currant Ice Cream taste like, but I am definitely loving this ice-cream in-a-can look!
4. This imaginative and original food photograph is by the very talented Ian Blasshofer.