Best Ikea Hacks

I have been avoiding shopping at Ikea for a quite a while now, for fear of ending up with generic Ikea-ish looking designs. Ikea has proven me wrong by offering this new Ikea PS Collection, designed for people living in smaller urban spaces. In fact, I am heading down to the Ikea in Red Hook this afternoon to grab some odds and ends to furnish my apartment, while keeping in mind that I can think of creative ways to utilize them. Here are some of my favorite Ikea hacks:


1. This is a modern and beautiful pouf made from an Ikea Footstool. You can find the DIY instructions at Kristi Murphy’s blog.
2. These (originally black) IKEA Vittsjo Shelves were given a luxe makeover simply by coating them with gold.
3. I am looking to build faux reclaimed wood shelves for my books. These gold-sprayed geometric Ikea brackets are taking it to the next 4. I am loving this vintage look and the blueish grey for this chest of drawers! You can check out more pictures at Almost Makes Perfect Blog.


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